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Success Stories

At Creative Connections Network, we take pride in taking your business straight to the top of the charts. From innovative branding to personalized marketing campaigns, we work with you to create the perfect image geared towards your success. We invite you to learn more about what we have done for businesses like yours.


Judy Vig & Joy Paoletti – Twice Baked Twins



The now-celebrity chefs appeared in our office three years ago wanting to take their knowledge of the kitchen to the airwaves as TV personalities and chefs. Because of our detailed marketing, you can now see them regularly on local stations whipping up new recipes you will love.

  • Transformed and Named J and J the Twice Baked twins
  • Developed products and services such as the Judy and The Joy of Kitchen table Book series
  • Named - Patented designer dessert ForkFulla to monetize their brand

Joy & Judy Now | Joy & Judy Product – ForkFulla

Modeling the No Nonsense Approach and ELLEgirl model search.

CCN along with co founders developed the partnership and marketing plan helping young people to get in to the industry with out getting hurt financially. Key elements are:

  • Partnerships with ELLE, Disney, Jonas Group Management and Style 360
  • Marketing and Branding to the team sector
  • Created ELLEgirl Model search

Other clients:


  • WMS - Watts Marketing Services: A nationwide marketing arm for energy suppliers
    • Building sales teams and training programs
  • Tiffen - A leader in entertainment based cinematography sound and lighting.
    • Domke division
    • Developed communications based marketing plan for new camera bag line
  • The Pocket Painter ™
    • Branding for Pocket Painter
    • Created all Marketing Materials
    • Aligned Inventor with Manufacturing
    • Aligned Inventor with Fullfuilment
    • Arraged Retail Placement
    • Aligned Inventor Full Service Infomercial


Over 40 Females

What started out as a blog for professional women soon became a national movement after we applied our skillful assistance. In 2010, Creative Connection Networks created, developed, and applied for a chapter licensing business model, enabling over 40 females to monetize and grow the company. In 2011, partnership with the American Academy, Over than 40 Females gave more than 25,000 scholarships for career placement. 


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