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We Take your wishlist, and turn it into deliverables We only take on projects we know we can help succeed.
At Creative Connections Network, we take pride in providing you personalized boutique-style service while connecting you to our corporate-level network.Craft attention-catching messages using inventive marketing and branding solutions provided by our visionary team.
Mindy DiCrosta - Marketing Solutions

Our Implementation Process

After connecting you to strong prospective partners and corporate professionals invested in your vision, we help you cultivate a professional, credible brand presence.


When you work with our investors, we negotiate an ownership rate for your company that still leaves you with anywhere between 50 to 70% ownership. From direct response tactics to seasonal and timely marketing strategies, your business will grow to meet and rise above the standards set by current culture.

Our Services

At our agency, under the guidance of owner Mindy DiCrosta, we use our more than 20 years of industry experience to provide you with top-caliber concepts that help you leave long-lasting impressions on your clients and customers. Using our global partnership, we create unique online, TV, and print campaigns, as well as marketing strategies that deliver results for your customer base and your bottom line.

When you work with us, we provide you the peace of mind knowing that we are a full-service company committed to offering you membership-exclusive, high-level business development and brand awareness models that monetize and scale all aspects of your business. Our services include:

• Scalable Business Model Development
• Revenue Projections & Modeling
• Angel Group Financial Support
• Product Distribution
• Live Event Orchestration
• Charity Integration
•  Brand Partnerships
• Growth & Monetization Planning
• Celebrity Integration

Contact us for marketing and branding solutions that succeed every time.