At our agency, we use our more than 40 years of industry experience to provide you with top-caliber concepts that help you leave long-lasting impressions on your clients and customers. Using our global partnership, we create unique online, TV, and print campaigns, as well as marketing strategies that deliver results for your customer base and your bottom line.

When you work with us, we provide you the peace of mind knowing that we are a full-service company committed to offering you membership-exclusive, high-level business development and brand awareness models that monetize and scale all aspects of your business. Our services include:

• Scalable Business Model Development
• Direct response experience and connections
• Sales training programs
• Product Distribution
• Live Event Orchestration

• Charity Integration
• Brand Partnerships
• Growth & Monetization Planning
• Celebrity Integration

Contact us for marketing and branding solutions that succeed every time.

Influencer, celebrity and charity integration

In today’s world social influencers are a viable way to gain market share. It takes expertise to see which influencers actually make “dollars” come out the other side of a campaign and which are smoke and mirrors. We were using the premise of social influencers before it became a phrase and a craze. Charity integration should not be used for “marketing purposes”. If it’s not for real it simply does not work. We work with companies with a true give back-pay it forward attitude.

Scalable business solutions and subscription programs

We think out of the box for you and your company and build monthly subscriptions for your product inside a box delivered to the door of your customer base

Brand building and direct response journey marketing

Let’s find out who you are and show the world. Building a brand isn’t a logo and brochures. It’s a personality, it’s a product or service with a back story that has heart and that consumers connect to because of what THEY are looking for or interested in.  Then we need to take them on a journey.  Our experienced direct response marketing teams and high level connections in TV, On Line and Print take your business to the next level.

Sales and marketing training programs

So many companies today try to turn their staff who is trained in service to be a sales person without training this is rarely a successful model.  At CCN we have proven sales and motivational programs that turn your team in to a well-oiled sales machine.branding is so much more than a logo and brochures. It is a story, your story and personality that people relate to. A good solid branding structure is about the audience you are reaching.